Feel the Adventures in Nepal

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December 2019

Social media, internet access and new forms of information sources are changing how people make decisions about trekking in Nepal When I first trekked over the Kongma La many years ago, very few people had even heard of it never mind trekked over it. But when my brother and I (shown above) trekked the 3 Passes in the Everest region in November of 2017, we were one of many groups and individuals that were heading that way. And many (admittedly younger) trekkers were inspired to undertake this challenging crossing

With a stable government and federal constitution and a GDP growth rate of 7%, Nepal is putting the problems of recent years behind it as it looks forward to 2020 and benefiting from the Visit Nepal 2020 campaign. Nepal always has been one of the poorest countries in the world. And recent events, the huge earthquake back in 2015 which came on the back of years of political turmoil, were a major setback to both the general economy and the tourism industry. However when I talk to business leaders