Feel the Adventures in Nepal


Kritee Singh

Sales Department

Ms. Kritee Singh is a young, energetic, and vibrant personality keen on learning new things. She has been working in the field of tourism for 9 years now and is dedicated to continuing to work for the same. She believes in learning by doing and since past years she has been learning the various aspects of tourism and trying to keep up with the existing environment.

She has worked for the travel agency which enables her to know more about the day to day chores that happens at the workplace. With the aim of becoming a tourism entrepreneur, she has completed her bachelor’s degree in Travel and Tourism Management from the reputed college. She has further completed her master’s degree in Nepalese History, Culture, and Archaeology which becomes a plus point as tourism is directly linked with the history and culture of the place visited. She is a motivated and hardworking person who seeks the opportunity to learn and help contribute something to the tourism industry. She looks forward to fulfilling her duties and responsibilities and become a valuable asset to the company.